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Otomi Art, inspiration for talented artists loves it when talented people love our beautiful “Tenangos” hand embroidered by our Otomi people…and get inspired by them!

As you may already know, “tenangos” are Otomi fabrics, hand embroidered by indigenous women from La Sierra Madre, in Mexico. Tenangos are simply stunning! So, it is not a surprise that these awesome fabrics (and those designs inspired by them) are sooner or later award winners! Aww but we can’t help it to be all excited when really great ones are created. And like this case we are presenting to you…an Otomi design for “Wedding Invitations” get picked at as their favorite from many many options. Congratulations PaperMonkey “Design Challenge Winner! And thank you for promoting Otomi Art.001 Bordadora

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SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI love the Otomi Culture. I believe is one of the best kept secrets in Mexico. The Otomi people live in remote places like this, in the Sierra Madre. Where you can find the highest mountains packed with green trees. Where you can breath fresh air and hear the little birds sing.

The families values are very strong. They have made it possible to keep their traditions alive, despite of the modern world. And you can easily tell they are proud of who they are.

Otomi women are worldwide known as very talented, specially for their embroidery techniques. Their embroidered pieces of art are better known as “Tenangos”. oto3Their designs are simple, but beautiful and creative. They usually paint fantastic animals, a combination of the animals that live among them in the Sierra Madre.

Martha Aguilar